The finest in Skincare from Switzerland

All products are formulated and produced at our Swiss laboratories in accordance with the most advanced scientific findings for skincare and skin health.


  • only two steps to achieve healthy, attractive skin 
  • high quality anti-aging skincare made in Switzerland 
  • ingredients include elderberry extract, lavender water,
    sweet almond oil, sunflower oil,  jojoba oil and natural citrus 
  • ingredients carefully selected and tested for quality using advanced technologies 
  • leaves skin radiant and energized and minimizes the aging process 
  • free of parabens, waxes, coloring agents and mineral oil
  • products harmonize with body's natural processes 
  • sold only direct to our women and men clients worldwide for over three decades 
  • formulated under strict hygienic standards at our laboratories in Switzerland

Our formulations are made with natural, raw materials, carefully selected and tested for quality. We use prime natural ingredients that harmonize with the body's natural processes. We include ingredients such as elderberry extract, lavender water, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and natural citrus extracts.


For optimum results we suggest using both products interdependently within a package such as the Swiss Skincare Classic and the Swiss Body Classic, however they are available for individual purchase.

We utilize pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, containing plant oils supported with active ingredients from herbs, biological extracts, and vitamins. These products contain no perfumes, drying alcohols, coloring agents, mineral oil or waxes. All Skincare Suisse products are paraben-free.

By working with the body's natural processes, our products enhance the skin naturally and provide it with that which nature intended. Our first step is to ensure product purity. To accomplish this, we formulate and manufacture our products in Switzerland under the most stringent hygienic conditions. We do not engage in animal testing.

This process occurs without needing a myriad of unnecessary products so widely promoted. Thus, when it comes to quality skincare, less is definitely more.


-Richard Steffan