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  • free of parabens, waxes, perfumes, coloring agents and mineral oil
  • simplicity of a two-step skincare regimen
  • developed for all skin types
  • formulated and made in Switzerland under strict Swiss standards
  • providing every element essential to maintaining a radiant, youthful complexion
  • free shipping minimums, no hidden fees
  • personal and outstanding customer service
  • works with the skin to enhance it naturally without interfering with the natural process 


Our company and your skin...since 1978

If skihealth is absent, the skin cannot renew itself and defy the aging process. That health is contingent upon the purity and quality of what your body receives. When the skin receives improper care through harsh, unnecessary products, that health is impeded and the skin can no longer continue its cycle of renewal. The Skincare Suisse is built on this premise. The objective is to provide a simple, pure, natural routine that gives you healthy, attractive skin. Another important factor relative to our company is that skincare is our only business. The private ownership we have maintained for over three decades gives us tremendous advantages. Rather than investing in expensive advertising programs, we choose to invest in continuing research and the use of the highest quality natural ingredients in our skincare formulations. As a result, your skin can receive the benefits of our quality skincare products.

Our philosophy 

Our personal philosophy on skincare and skin health goes beyond proper external care of the skin to include every element essential to creating and maintaining a healthy, radiant complexion: nutrition, exercise, water consumption and an overall healthy lifestyle in addition to a simple, quality skincare regimen. Our ultimate goal is healthy, well-maintained and good-looking skin for our clients.

Who we are

Skincare Suisse is a result of more than three decades of continuous research in Switzerland by Richard Steffan and his team of dermatologists, biochemists, nutritionists and skin experts. "Skincare products must augment the body's natural processes, working with the skin to enhance it naturally, yet without interfering with its proper function" says Richard Steffan, a preventative health enthusiast and ardent purist. His research led him to the conclusion that "although the skin has a very complex structure, if you understand its needs and use properly formulated products, it eagerly responds to care". This simple concept is the motivating factor behind Skincare Suisse.

What our clients say


Continuing research

Our research has shown that the skin responds best to a simple skincare regimen
The Swiss Skincare Classic as well as the Swiss Body Classic consist of only two products to be used in two steps. The Regimens function on the principle of a simple, uncomplicated programme of external and internal care to maximize your skins health. Developed for all skin types, these skincare regimens work on the skins repair and defense systems to enhance the skins own natural renewal process. The result is a delay in the aging process.


Additionally, in terms of product purity we take it one step further to the highest level possible. Not only are we concerned with the purity of the contents of our products but also the containers they live in.
Our first criterion is simplicity in packaging in the interest of the environment and costs. Our products are packaged in PET (polyethylene terephyalate) and SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile resin) (rather than the less expensive commonly used plastic PE (polyethylene). It is very light and unbreakable. The materials we use functions as if it were inorganic, therefore it will not migrate into the skincare product. It respects the environment when discarded since it is inert and non-toxic. When burned it does not pollute nor does it give off any toxic fumes. 

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