Myth: Moisture can be added to the skin by using moisturizing products.

Fact: This is not so. The outer layer of our skin performs the very important function of protecting us from absorbing undesirable elements from the environment. As a result, it is not possible for moisture to penetrate this layer. Moisture comes from within, thus the importance of adequate water consumption. The purpose of a moisture lotion should be to enhance natural moisture retention by the skin's own body oil.

Myth: The cleansing process should leave the skin squeaky clean and tight.

Fact: Squeaky clean and tight means your skin is overly dry and stripped of the natural oils that actually help keep it youthful and soft. Dryness from improper care leads to premature aging. This condition has become so common that age is incorrectly blamed for many wrinkles, loss of color in the skin, and poor texture. More often, the real culprit is overcleansing, thereby stripping the skin of the essential, natural body oil that aids moisture-retention.

Myth: Are natural skincare products really natural?

Fact: There are no governing standards which define what is meant by "natural skincare products," and no guidelines as to what can and cannot be used in these so called natural products. The advertising of products as natural is a marketing tactic and misleads the consumer. Also, the skin can be just as allergic to natural substances, resulting in an irritation from the so called ingredients found in "natural" products. (For more information go to "Improve Your Skin's Health" section)

Myth: The skin's needs are different at night and vary for eye and neck area.

Fact: Even though the skin's structure varies slightly, it is definitely not necessary to use a lot of different products like eye creams, day creams, night creams, scrubs, night repair lotions, special make-up removers and the like.

Myth: You must know your skin type - dry, normal, oily - to buy skincare products.

Fact: We all have combination skin types - dry, normal, and oily - to varying degrees, so no one can be narrowly classified. Products that claim to correct a specific skin type frequently worsen that very condition. For example, products for oily skin tend to overstrip the skin of its natural oils and in attempting to adjust for this harsh abuse, the body produces even more oil, exaggerating the problem.

Myth: Scrubs and exfoliants are important to use.

Fact: These products are unnecessary and can be harmful. A vital part of our skin's magnificent structure is a layer of non-living cells that cannot be infected and serve to protect us. The body does a remarkable job of shedding this outer layer when appropriate. Excessive, premature removal can open the door to infection and damage from the sun. However the tougher body skin can withstand a weekly exfoliation with a lightly abrasive sponge to encourage circulation in the skin.

Myth: Hypoallergenic means the product is allergy-free.

Fact: No product can be totally allergy-free. Most allergic reactions to skincare and cosmetic products are caused by coloring agents, fragrances and strong preservatives.