Over the years, Skincare Suisse has rewarded our international clients with youthful and naturally healthy skin. Many have written us with testimonials, thanking us for drastically changing the quality of their skin. This high quality approach is the reason we feel most of our clients are obtained through referrals. Maintaining our high client loyalty is very important to us. Nothing is more rewarding to us than helping our clients along the road to better health.

Around the world our clients say:

  • "In my profession, beautiful youthful skin is a must...I have been using the Skincare Suisse System for 2 1/2 years...This is definitely the reason I have youthful skin". 
    Natalie Laboue, fashion model
  • I have used Skincare Suisse for over 8 years. I have many allergies but my allergist says the Richard Steffan products are good for me. At age 56 I no longer need to use makeup except for a little blush and eye makeup"
    Katie Gould, Retired Real Estate Broker
  • Over the years I have tried many of the expensive skin products...Now I must write you to tell you how very much I appreciate the Richard Steffan Skincare Suisse Regimen...This has really made my skin look young again". 
    Lorina Rubenstein

  • "I love the clear smell and the pure feeling...No perfume and not greasy...Thank you!"
    Denise DeLorean
  • "Upon the recommendation of a friend, I tried the Skincare Suisse Regimen...I was amazed by the fantastic results obtained...After only five weeks my skin looks more radiant and youthful".
    Paula Bellini
  • "I have used Skincare Suisse products for many years. I am 73 years old and most people think I am 20 years younger. I owe it all to Richard Steffan!"
    Lois E. Martin-Ennis, RN
  • "I have been a long term satisfied user of the Richard Steffan Skincare Suisse line with excellent results...Many of my flight personnel colleagues use the products since their skin is exposed to such harsh conditions". 
    Alfredo Palma
  • I have used Skincare Suisse for almost 10 years. I take it with me wherever I go, and as a travel writer I can tell you first hand that the products have never failed me. I have opportunities to have facials at spas from Paris to Hong Kong and across America but never feel the need to do so. I marvel that such a simple but extraordinary product does such a thorough job of keeping wrinkles at bay".
    Pamela Lechtman, Travel Writer
  • "After using Skincare Suisse for 2 months, I no longer wear foundation".
    Erika Voelker
  • "I am a firm believer that no amount of makeup can hide a bad complexion. I have no need for makeup. Since using the Skincare Suisse Skincare Regimen my skin glows with healthy radiance. I am in my forties and am told I look like I am still in my twenties". 
    Patricia Verhye, Emergency Room Nurse
  • "Skincare Suisse is the best product I have ever used. I see immediate results in the condition of my skin. I am always pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness". 
    Maeve Grenier
  • "Since using the Skincare Suisse products I feel my skin has retained its moisture and elasticity more than ever. I am always receiving compliments to that effect. Thank you for your excellent products". 
    Esther R. Johnson
  • "I have never written in praise of any firm's products...but I had to let you know that Skincare Suisse really does what it claims to do". 
    Nicolai Hoffman
  • "I have used the Facial Moisture Lotion for four months and find it a light, easily absorbed non sticky moisturizer. It leaves my skin soft, smooth and in excellent condition. I plan to continue using it as it is the best I have ever experienced and certainly lives up to the claims in your brochure".
    Heather Ward
    Surrey, England

  • I have been using Skincare Suisse products for quite a long time. The product makes my skin feel healthy. No heavy perfumes or additives.  I am very happy with these products."
    Velma Cobb
    New York
  • "I'm in my 50's and people always ask what skincare products I use. I tell them its a very simple product. They often do not believe me.
    Celia McClelland
  • "I am hooked! The skin care system devised by Mr Steffan truly 
    rejuvinates my skin. I have taken to keeping a bottle of the moisturizer in my office for a mid afternoon revitalization".
    Bernard J. Smith
  • "I have used your skin care product for 20 years now, I like the way it makes my skin feel and people always think that I am younger then I actually am".
    Raymond Chun