As appeared in WOMAN'S WORLD:

"Swiss beauty...pamper your hair and skin with a line of products that are free of heavy oils, perfumes and coloring agents.  They have a balanced formula that suits all skin types. Richard Steffan Skincare Switzerland."
July 1986

As appeared in SHAPE:

"Richard Steffan of the ten best beauty products as a result of a survey by dermatologists, skin-care professionals, make-up artists and women who are known to take care of their hair and skin."
December 1986

As appeared in ELLE:

Beauty a la Suisse...For a bit of Swiss style at home, consider Richard Steffan's Skincare Regimens, from moisture and cleansing lotions to bath gels flown in from his lab in Vevey, Switzerland."      
December 1988

As appeared in SHAPE:

"Richard Steffan Skincare Facial Moisture Lotion... a high quality moisture lotion to ease winter dry-skin blahs".
January 1987

As appeared in SPORTS FITNESS:

"The Richard Steffan Skincare programme is a simple two-step regimen, designed for discerning individuals who demand the finest care available."
May 1987

As appeared in HOUSTON HOME & GARDEN:

"Succint and innovative, the Richard Steffan Skincare Programme includes the Facial Regimen; a cleansing lotion and an ultra-light moisture lotion."   
September 1986


"You can toss out the soap and shampoo, hair conditioners, the cleansing, night, eye and throat creams, masques and toners along with the repair lotions and the mascara removers.  The dressing table drawers can be cleaned out...that is, if you are using Richard Steffan skincare products."
March 1986

As appeared in SPORTS FITNESS:

"Richard Steffan's water soluble moisture lotion is designed to retain moisture without clogging the pores, working naturally to augment your body's natural process.  Protecting that outer layer from the elements doesn't mean clogging your pores.  Protect your face with a modern moisture lotion for lasting results.  Also use Richard Steffan's facial cleansing lotion as a facial masque...applying it and leaving it on for about 20 minutes."